This weeks “Listener Story of the Week”, comes from Michael Sluers on a topic most of us are probably not familiar with.  

Mike is spreading the word that May is national pediatric stroke awareness month.  According to the Pediatric Stroke Awareness face book page," Babies and children have strokes too. Stroke is the 6th leading cause of death in children every year.  10% of all pediatrics stroke cases are without a known cause."

CHASA, Children's Hemiplegia & Stroke Association, tells us, "we all know that adults can have strokes, but many people are not aware that children can have strokes, too. In fact, 1 in 2800 infants and between 2 and 13 in 100,000 children (ages 1 month to 18 years) will suffer a stroke. Early intervention and therapy is the key to success. Reaching others with this message is part of our Pediatric Stroke Awareness month in May."

I thought this was an interesting way to entice people to support:  Enter CHASA's Streak for Pediatric Stroke iPad Contest! CHASA will give away a new iPad to one lucky person. Set up a fundraising  page at Firstgiving and start asking friends, family, and your community to donate. For each $25 donation on your page, you'll receive one entry in the contest. Bring in more donations and you'll have more entries and a better chance to win the iPad.  On June 15th, we'll put all the entries into a big box; give it a shake; and pull out the name of the lucky winner.  If any of our listeners enter this contest, let us know so we can help you gain support! 

Watch this video, it will make you want to do all you can to help!  Thanks Mike, for helping to spread the word.