Early to bed, early to rise-exercise, exercise, exercise!  (I don't know if that was the original saying, but I tweaked it!)  Exercise has to begin with the young.  How young?  How about first graders?  Not only are they great exercisers, they're even better rhymers!

I have done my share of songs with this fantastic teacher, Jamie Pink.  She was originally at Woestina school in Rotterdam, but that was closed because of budget cuts.  She is now with Jefferson Elementary School in the Schalmont system.

These kids were ready to sing as soon as I came in the room.  That's all well and good, but can first graders actually come up with a song in an hour?  Did you have to even ask?   These kids are pros!  Here's their brand new hit in honor of the Health and Beauty Expo we're having.

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Here's proof positive that the KIDS come up with alot of the ideas (and these were first graders!)

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For you kids who are graduates of one of Ms. Pink's classes, here are some of the songs you've done in the past .

Special thanks again to Ms. Pink and the kids.  Had a blast!  Also thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets for their continued support!