When they make a Mount Rushmore of humor John Candy needs to at least be considered for one of the faces. Gone WAY too young John Candy was only 43 when he passed away in 1994. in honor of Mr Candy's birthday (yes a man named Candy was born on Halloween). Here are my top five favorite John Candy movies. 

So here's the deal if I added SCTV skits and cameos where Candy steals the scene this would be a huge list. So this is the five movies that pop into my mind when you say "John Candy".

5) "Stripes" 1981 Yes I know this is a "Bill Murray" movie but Candy as "OX" is hysterical.

4) "Spaceballs" 1987 His name was"Barf"! What more do i need to say?

3) "The Great Outdoors" 1988 Candy and Dan Akroyd play off each other so perfectly it still amazes me. They almost take turns being the butt of the jokes.

2) "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" 1987 Again this is a perfect pairing of comedic genius! John Candy is a lovable loser and Steve Martin is a lovable jerk.

1) "Uncle Buck" 1989 If you have not watched "Uncle Buck" yet, we are no longer friends and you need to fix this right now! DO IT! GO WATCH IT!!! You're welcome!