The power of Facebook has been demonstrated once again in the most positive and negative ways imaginable. definitely talked up the power of Mr. Zuckerberg's amazing invention.   According to the article"

Dozens of pages were dedicated to the hurricane on Facebook. Posters shared information on evacuations and closings related to their states or about particular concerns, such as animal rescues.



So that's GOOD, right?  Social media to the rescue, literally!  But now here's where it takes a very ugly turn for the worse   According to a juror in Texas allegedly attempted to contact a defendant in the case he was assigned to ON FACEBOOK. According to the article:

Jonathan Hudson, 22, was slapped with four counts of contempt of court for doing just that, the Fort Worth Star-Telegramreports. Hudson attempted to contact Courtney Downing, the defendant in a case involving a 2008 car wreck, on July 18. She told her lawyer, who then told the judge, and Hudson was booted from the jury.

And I found one more jury story from Newser as well.  Some guy wrote as his Facebook status that he was "sitting in hell...aka jury duty"!  The defense team asked for a mistrial, but they just removed the juror instead.

And here's one more example from a trial back in 2010!  This was from an ABC Action News YouTube post.




I guess we'll never come to a conclusion as to the merits or detriments of social media.  But you want to talk about polar opposites, huh?

What do YOU think?  Is it good or the ultimate ruination of mankind.  Facebook me with your comments.  I'll read them after I'm done with Twitter.