I love doing this Readin' Writin and Rhymin' School Tour.  Have I ever mentioned that before?  Yea, I think so!  I've loved every song I've done with every class.  There's no grading system! They're ALL greatest hits, in my book.  So here's one that continues to make me giggle

Woestina Elementary 2

This one came from Woestina Elementary school a few years back (gee, I think they closed that school due to budget cuts, didn't they?)  Ms. Pink was the teacher then, and still is going strong today.

We took the song "Do Your Ears Hang Low" and tweaked it a little bit!


Does your belly hang low? Does it swing and does it sway,

When you eat too much on Thanksgiving Day

Mashed potatoes and peas....MORE TURKEY PLEASE!

Does your belly hang low


Does your belly hang low, does it swing from side to side?

when you eat too many slices of pumpkin pie

Eating slow is the best, cuz it helps you digest-

Does your belly hang low?  Then you better eat slow!


Cute kids, huh?  And this little message was made possible from great sponsors like Hannaford Supermarkets and Capital Communications Federal Credit Union (CapComm). Special Thanksgiving THANKS to them