Darius Rucker is not only a great performer that will be headlining 1077 'GNA Countryfest 2013 "Our 20th Anniversary Show" on July 13th at Schaghticoke Fairgrounds. He is probably the most generous performer I have ever met.Darius Rucker appreciates all he has been blessed with in this life and is constantly paying it forward. He holds many charitable events, concerts and golf tournaments and donates massive amounts of money to many worthwhile organizations. Recently, according to this article Darius Rucker partnered with Transitions and the CMA to donate free eye glasses to children afflicted with poor eyesight. He is truly a great humanitarian and we're proud to have him as our 1077 'GNA Countryfest headliner. Tickets are down to the nitty gritty for the show on July 13th so get yours while you still can at any Price Chopper Supermarket at the register for $35, or online here.