I had some great feedback on this one.  It makes all the difference in the world to have TOO MUCH information.  Thanks in advance to all who contributed to this song..  Ok, here we go.. 

from Castleton website   Photo by Seth Honeyman

Castleton has a great website, by the way, and a great Mayor as well.  Joe Keegan called in and played along nicely.  I'm including two versions of the song here - the "studio" version and the on-air version with the good mayor.    If you scroll down, I also include the lyrics to sing along at the next karaoke contest!.

mp3 version  (studio version)

mp3 version (live from radio broadcast 1/14/13


Castleton On Hudson

words and music ©2013 Richie Phillips

All Rights Reserved

Tell your wife and son and cousin

we’re gonna be discussin

a town that’s a commuter's dream

Castleton on Hudson

It doesn’t have a castle -don’t get smart

But it is a great location for the Schodack Island Park

Now back in 1900 they had a piano factory

And a ferry to take ya  straight to Albany

A soda shop and grocery store

A restaurant named Garafalos

but that’s not there no more

that’s not to say that progress is all done

There still is plenty there in Castleton

Today it has a Village Inn in an auto shop named Grants

Ray’s Funeral Home, a Stewarts

and a sewage treatment plant

and while we’re on the subject here’s a scoop

RPI is helping to make power from the poop

First Sunday of the month

the whole town is a buzzin

Firehouse serves breakfast down in Castleton on Hudson

The library down there I hear is great

much much bigger than the court house

it’s the smallest in the state

This might be the first place that I found

Where you can still get milk delivered in this town

Mayor Keegan perhaps the best of all

he's known for his awesome cheesecake

And his RObocalls

He reminds you of the snow emergencies

Or if there’s late trash pick up

or Village Inn parties

Now there’s a politician who gets things done!

He'll  never get a job in Congress

He's better off in Castleton

I'm out of time, this ditty is all done

This goes out to everyone in Castleton

This is Your Town!

**Again, thanks to all who sent in the factoids!

Railroad Station Castleton
Last Hitching Post 6 North Main Street Castleton 1958
Piano Factory Castleton