This weekend at both the Taste of Country Music Festival, and Saratoga Brewfest we had the opportunity to check out some serious summer fashion.  Some of it really, really cool,  some of it really, really bad!

A new survey found the eight biggest fashion mistakes women make.  And while I agree with some of them, I also think that scrunchies should come back.

1.  Too much animal print.

2.  Visible bra straps.

3.  Clothes that are too tight.

4.  Wearing formal evening wear during the day.

5.  Track suits.

6.  Childish shoes.

7.  Scrunchies.

8.  Denim on denim.

What did they leave off the list?  Are there any summer fashion faux pas that you try to avoid?  Is there anything that you think should be considered acceptable?

Taste of Country