Isn't it incredible the relationships built on social sites? I always love when someone sends me a Facebook friend request and I get to know them over time and then when I meet them in person, I feel like I've known them my whole life.

Stacey Hewitt was suffering from kidney disease, so her dad, Darren, went to Facebook to see if he could find a donor and, amazingly, he did.

26-year-old Louise Drewery stepped forward and donated her kidney to a perfect stranger and what makes it even more incredible is that Louise's donation was the first-ever selfless donation through social media in the United Kingdom.

Louise is a married mom of two and says that when she saw the message from Stacey's dad, she was inspired immediately to help.

Both Stacey and Louise made it through the operation just fine, and thanks to the amazing generosity of a kidney from Louise, Stacey’s children will have their mom around for many years to come.

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