Ben was spotted in the Dannemora last week and told residents he was doing research for a new film.

According to, locals told an area TV station they saw Ben checking out the manhole where David Sweat and Richard Matt escaped the Clinton Correctional Facility. He was also seen at King's Wok Buffet in Malone, where their accomplice Joyce Mitchell ate before their escape.

With all these facts, it is very believable that Ben could be making a movie about this infamous escape. i wonder if he would actually act in this one, or just maybe produce or direct. It is hard to imagine Ben in a serious role...but hey, ya never know. It is a big jump from Zoolander to this. Unless this is some sort of crazy Zoolander 3 he is making!

If he does make  this movie, he should have Morgan Freeman be the narrator. Or, maybe not. ;)

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