I hosted an event for CRBOMA on Thursday night in downtown Albany.  It was a collection site for the Toys for Tots Train that goes through the Capital Region.  I met Corporal Ted, the Marine volunteer supporting the cause that night.  He was a great guy and I was asking him all about the Toys for Tots program and it's mission.

Photo: Bethany with Corporal Ted

He offered to have a fellow Marine come in and talk to us on the air about the Toys for Tots program.  He told me that the train was going through the 518 delivering thousands of toys to needy children this weekend!

Gunnery Sergeant Roman is one of the people who makes the Toys for Tots mission possible in the Capital Region.

He came in and talked to us during the show on Friday and got us all really excited about the train!

Gunnery Sergeant Roman with Bethany and Nick in the Studio

Here's the video of News 10 covering the event -

I was so blessed to meet Ted and Vinnie and to find out more about the Toys for Tots program.  I've donated a toy, I'm sure you have too, and you never are really sure where they go, or where they end up!  Well, now we know!  And it's so sweet and heart warming to see what a huge impact these Marines are making on our communities this Christmas.

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