The NFL regular season may be over but in no way does that mean only teams in the playoffs are making the news. As a matter of fact it’s pretty much the opposite. No word from New England or Pittsburgh but San Fran and Miami are thinking about throwing between 5 and 6 million at a guy that has never coached in the NFL. Tennessee owner Bud Adams is taking a stand and kicking Vince Young out. This brings me to my point, IF the Raiders hire a poop coach or decide to make Vince Young the latest reform project I will have no choice but to take extreme action!

                  Mark my words if the Raiders decide to hire a coach like Wade Phillips, Eric Mangini or any other failure I will take a year off as a Raiders fan. You hear me Al Davis?! The most loyal of all your fans will hang up his gear for a FULL YEAR! Now I need you to realize the sacrifice I’d be making. Half my wardrobe is silver and black. I would be wearing Yankees gear in December! And that’s not all. Not only will I ignore my beloved Raiders as part of my tough love methods, I will cheer for another team all next year. Now because I will always love my team it can’t be an AFC West team, the Steelers or the Cowboys. I will take suggestions either on my or the shows Facebook page or on You can comment on my blog. Now let me be clear I will give a young hot shot coach a chance. Let’s say 3 games to show me something. However If it’s a retread or Vince Young is the starting quarter back next year I WILL PUT THE RAIDERS IN A TIME OUT!!!