And why would you want to play this?  Because you are STILL stuffed from all of that turkey and you are sitting around looking for some kind of activity to let your stomach go down.  So I'm here to help. Which star is the taller one?

This information by the way was provided by, but don't click on that until you play the game.  No cheating now!!

Here's your first one.    Who's taller:  Tyra Banks or Gisele Bundchen?

Frazier Harrison/Getty Images

Answer?  Gisele by 1/2 inch

Who's taller?   Game Show Host Bob Barker or Hugh Jackman? 

Answer?  Jackman is 6'2", Bob is 6'1"

Isn't this fun?  Now you can go back and click on the link and see all the other celebs.  (I'd like to do this with Presidents.  Who's the shortest? hmmmmmmmmmm)