This morning on the show we told you about a way you can see who YOU stalk on Facebook. Usually any link associated with Facebook and "seeing who you're stalking" is a scam to hack your profile. This one isn't. A web developer named Jeremy Keeshin cracked the code Facebook uses to figure out whose stuff they put up on your newsfeed, and whose stuff you never see.

It has to do with how much you click on that person's links, visit their profile, and how long you've been friends. Jeremy even created a bookmark you can put in your browser so that when you visit Facebook, you can see your friends RANKED by how much you're OBSESSED with them.

Here's how you do it: Click here It's a post on the website Drag the little box called 'Facebook Friends' up to the bookmark bar of your web browser. Then log in to Facebook click on the 'Facebook Friends' link in your browser bar and you find out who you're stalking.

Now do this and comment here who your number 1 is.

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