For this final installment of the Young Fables‘ Covering Your Tracks series, Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford are taking on Kenny Foster's romantic ballad "Caught." Click play above to watch the duo pull out all the stops for their cover, exclusively debuting on The Boot.

Highlighting their strong harmonies, the Young Fables' rendition of "Caught" is a perfect way to showcase the song's romantic lyrics about the excitement, trepidation and anticipation that come with young love. Wright takes on lead acoustic guitar for the cover, while Lunsford adds depth with electric.

"Don't care if we're wrong / It's a risk worth taking / Too scared to say love / But it's what we're making," sings Wright in the song's bridge. "'Cause we got caught / We got caught / We got caught / Caught up in the moment / In the lightning in the bottle that we opened / In the feeling, in the freedom / In the hand that we were holding."

"Caught" appears on Foster's forthcoming album, Deep Cuts, which will be released on April 17. Featuring songwriting full of unapologetic honesty and thoughtful introspection, Deep Cuts is the result of years spent honing his work and creating timeless tracks.

"Kenny is one of the most talented, down-to-earth songwriters we've ever met," Wright tells The Boot. "He's got an outstanding gift to turn a phrase, and a sense of humor as well ... Mark our words, the entire record is GOLD. Every single song on there is top notch."

Deep Cuts is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

In February, the Young Fables released "Completely," from their debut album, Two, as a single. To learn more about the duo and find out about their upcoming shows, visit their official website.

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