I've DJ'ed many, many weddings in my day.  I've seen elaborate cakes, simple cakes, cup cakes, and NO cakes.  But I must admit, I haven't seen clever ones like these



That's fantastic, isn't it?  I wonder if it sent a subliminal message to the guests to cough up some cash during the dollar dance!

This is great too.  It comes from a YouTube video I found on funny wedding cakes.  Check this out.

Are you a traditionalist?  Would you include something like this on your special day, or do you think it cheapens the occasion and makes it hokey?

Would love to know.    Oh, and by the way, if you are looking for a rollickin' good time, hire a WGNA .  Either call me,  Richie PhillipsKevin Richards  Lou Roberts. We have lots and lots of experience in providing you with great dance tunes of ALL kinds. We don't bake cakes, but we can definitely heat up a dance floor.