It was a very moving experience hearing about this very important service offered by the Saratoga Warhorse Foundation.   The folks running this operation were guests on our Capital Region Sunday program.  Take a listen.  You too will be moved. 

Robert Nevins, the founder and President along Kathy Pelham Executive director of  of the Saratoga Warhorse Foundation were guests on Capital Region Sunday, and it really made me rethink what I do for a living.  It made me realize that we're  definitely not changing the world simply doing a morning show.  THESE people are making a REAL difference by helping veterans who come back from war with emotional and physical scars that are so deep that many times people turn to suicide for relief.

What alternative do they offer these heroes - therapy using HORSES - yes, retired thoroughbreds!  It's a fascinating concept, and it's worth learning more about.  Here was my interview with them.

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