I can't wait to get started with writing the next town tune.  By popular demand, it's going to be the booming Saratoga town of Wilton, New York.  

Google maps

Now THIS is a town I know a little bit about.  I lived in Gansevoort between 1988-1998.  There was nothing in Wilton at the time.  You went shopping at the Albany Public Market (remember that?).  You bought your appliances from the Montgomery Wards.  Not much more there.  What a shopping wonderland it is today!

But I need more information than that of course, so any trivia that you have about the town - including important people, businesses etc, please leave your comments in the comment section and i will get to work.  The song will air this Thursday on the Sean and Richie Show.

If you'd like to hear more samples of songs done in the past, please feel free