You don't even have to be a huge basketball fan to enjoy this one! There are so many things about this video that are cool. The first being it's a division 2 college basketball player playing in a summer league. These are not the guys you see during "March Madness", playing in front of millions of people these are guys who play for the love of the game and education.

The second coolest thing is the air this guy gets and the reverse dunk. That in itself is pretty amazing stuff. Add to that that he bounce passes the ball to himself over his defender's head and it's downright spectacular.

Lastly, the guy covering him has to feel horrible. I immediately felt sorry for that guy as he will be hearing about the time "the guy bounced the ball over his head and dunked in on him" for a very long time. Even the guy playing on the same team as him just stands there after he puts the ball in play , obviously in disbelief and amazement.

The dunkers name is , Angelo Sharpless and he plays for Elizabeth City State University. He is a 6'4" junior and apparently a BEAST. Enjoy: