Now here's a teacher who deserves a hell of a lot more than an apple for what she's done.  You won't believe this!


A teacher from Texas did the most amazing thing ever.  She is an instructor at Hoffmann Lane Elementary school in Texas.  One of her students  was very ill and needed a kidney desperately.

He’s only in first grade, and apparently only 1% of the population would be match.  Well, apparently, out of all people, his teacher was a match and she agreed to the donation.


I found a video from YouTube that gives you a little more of an insight.


I guess if I were to say that this is the ultimate in compassion and generosity, you would respond with “Thank you, Captain Obvious”.  But it totally makes me examine myself in a situation like this.  Would I do this?  Now if it were someone in my own family, I wouldn’t think twice, but this situation makes me honestly wonder how I would react.  I guess you would HAVE to act morally if you were only one percent of the population with a match, but I must admit it would be quite the gut wrenching decision.

How do YOU feel?  Would you even think twice about it?  I’m just wondering if it’s just me here.  Would love to know your thoughts.

Either way, God bless  to this woman for her decision. I think this teacher needs more than an apple as a reward!




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