Imagine, you're a kid with an idea. An idea that turns into a hobby. A hobby that turns into a project with possibility. A possibility at a future, a small business turning into a nationwide success.

It's possible for 18 year old Joshua C. Parker from Canton who will be on ABC's "Shark Tank" October 21st

So what is Parkers business? Parkers 100% Real Maple. He's been making his own maple syrup since the age of 11, starting in a small shack with just a couple of maple trees, incredibly inspired by a school field trip. Over the years his shack has turned into an actual building, he's gone from producing 2-gallons of syrup to barrels and his success is taking him to television.

ABC's "Shark Tank" is a reality show that is entrepreneur based, allowing people with an idea the opportunity at funding to go to the next level and turn that idea into a dream business. Joshua C. Parkers episode with his "pitch" will air Friday, October 21st at 9pm

He's not a big, loud, in your face type of personality in fact Parker might be exactly who you'd think a maple syrup producer may be: laid back, quiet yet passionate. You can watch more and hear him tell his story in this video:

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