Everyone argues over what is and what is not "country music" these days. Truth is it is an ever changing entity and that has always been the case with the genre. If that weren't the case we would still be listening to "swing" or "rockabilly" or "outlaw country". None of these incarnations of country were bad then or now, they were just new and different at the time they came out and faced a lot of the same criticisms that "bro country" and pop country are facing now.

I think Taylor Swift made what is country and not country pretty clear when she officially left country music with the announcement of her "1989" album. This was a clear move from Nashville and country music radio and has been nothing but a huge success for her. To her credit not everyone is as honest and clear about their desire to reach and speak to a larger audience, she was very clear.

Sam Hunt however, has not been so clear about a possible switch but man, I can tell you it's coming and probably coming a lot faster than we think. I don't begrudge anyone success that is for sure but lets not pretend here folks. Either way these two huge crossover successes shared the same stage in Chicago this weekend and the crowd LOVED it.