A Salon Just For the Curly Haired Is In Schenectady
I've had curly haired friends tell me they don't get their haircut because no one can cut their curls right. That the search was on for someone with curly hair to cut their hair to know it would be done right.
That's silly, right? Nope. Not silly at all
I Ran Into A Perfect Piece of History In Albany [PICS]
I've lived in the Capital Region almost my entire 33 years and I feel like I am constantly discovering new things all the time. I can't tell you how many countless times I've been to Empire State Plaza: for a show, for fireworks, for the sheer beauty of the architecture and failed to …
Don’t Ever Describe Your Woman This Way….
This morning Sean and I talked about different ways that you should never describe a woman. (Ok, confession.... I was really just trying to teach Sean a lesson... but he'll never learn!)
We went over this new survey that asked women what words they HATE being described with...
Anti-Engagement Rings: Yeah or Nah?
Some women are starting to wear a pinky ring with a reason behind it.
Fred + Far, a jeweler in LA, is selling what they call “anti-engagement rings.”
It's apparently supposed to remind women to take time to focus on themselves. She says that women should schedule …
Men Read Real Mean Tweets to Female Sports Reporters [Watch]
Women in general get harassed all the time, just for being female.  Women in all male dominated industries get treated unfairly on a daily basis.  But, women in sports get harassed online almost non-stop.
It's really hard to explain to a guy who has lived his whole life just kind of co…

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