Whining With Wine
Sometimes a good glass of wines and friends is all you need to feel better. You sit around with your friends and gripe about things like work, family, life, friends, etc. Take a moment tonight to sit and have a drink! And while you're at it, here are some things to whine about...
Happy National Wine Day! Who Wants To Celebrate?
Here is something you may not have known as you were celebrating the far more important, Memorial Day, today also happens to be National Wine Day! Well, while it only happens every so often that they fall on the same day,  I know a whole lot of people who would love to combine these two holiday…
5 Wines Made in the Capital Region
Sure, we have lawmakers, a very large Egg and a giant dog on top of a building, but did you know the Capital Region is also home to several wineries.
We're gearing up for our Taste of Upstate event on April 19, but before the event we thought it would be a good idea to give a rundown of 5 wines …
Local Wine Tasting
We had an unexpected treat this past weekend. Our good friends George and Linda Dickie along with Dorrie  and I took a little ride up to Fort Edward, and we literally stumbled upon a GREAT wine tasting experience.  (We almost stumbled out too!)