My Favorite David Bowie Song And Memory – It May Surprise You [VIDEO]
I am a David Bowie fan, the news of his passing this morning was a bit of a shock, David died from Cancer at the age of 69.  It is funny because with all artists when they die you can't help but to start to think about and be happy about the legacy they left behind and this morning was no exception.  Of course when you first think of David Bowie you think of the make up and outrageous clothes he w
Projector Malfunction During Star Wars Makes Fans Lose it – Wanna Get Away? [VIDEO]
Things go wrong. It seems far too often when someone really needs to get something right the worst happens, listen don't take my word for it ask Steve Harvey. While he only messed up the Miss Universe Pageant a theater in L.A. did something so much worse, the actually messed up the screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night!  I have to tell you I can so understand how these people
“Darth Trump” – This is Pure Genius And So Funny You Have To Watch It [VIDEO]
Believe me you are NOT going to regret watching this. I am so mad I didn't have the idea to do this myself and I'm also so mad I don't have the skills or talent to make the idea come to life. Fortunately for all of us a group called Aualnauts and a guy named,  David Bizzaro do have the skills. I think it is so well done that it doesn't matter of you are a Trump fan or a Star wars fan, I think it s
21 Fun Ways To Open A Beer Bottle [VIDEO]
So I am getting excited about our upcoming event Electric City On Tap this Saturday at the Schenectady Armory, but more about that in a minute. First I have to share this cool video I found with 21 different hacks you can use to open a beer bottle when you don't have an opener nearby.
Never Fear Peeling Potatoes Again! – Life Hacks For The Kitchen
So I came across this video claiming to have an easy way to peel potatoes and I have to say I was astonished. I don't know if I'm more astonished that it is really so easy or that I have never heard of this technique before. If you have I apologize for wasting your time but if you have never seen this before you may love after seeing this...
SNL’s Hilarious Take On The Democratic Debate – You Wont Believe Who Plays Bernie Sanders [VIDEO]
This one may be one of my all time favorite Saturday Night Live opening sequences. It's funny it almost seems like they worked so hard getting this parody of the Democratic debate right that they didn't have time to write the rest of the show as that indeed left a lot to be desired. I really think they nailed the feel and flow of the actual debate and of course the idiosyncrasies of the candidates

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