Company Gives Non-Smoking Staff Added Bonus
If you're a non-smoker in your office, you've probably had the hint of jealousy when your co-workers who smoke head outside. If the State Offices decided to implement this policy, how do you think it would go?
Road Trip You MUST Take - The Record Archive [PHOTOS]
I had a lot of people asking me where I was headed to while I was on vacation. The simple answer was: "no where." People don't like that answer. It's a sympathetic reaction of, "aww, well that can be fun, too!" Yes, I know, that's why I did it. That and lets be honest, traveling …
Staycations Are Underrated - Do You Agree?
In this wild world of radio, vacations are few and far between. In fact, within my 13-year career, the only actual vacations I've taken, with the exception of a long weekend to Nashville, was to Florida.
The time off is minimal, it has to be taken specific times of the year and when it happens it's e…
Reasons Why Your Pre-Vacation Diet Is Failing
My vacation is less than 2 weeks away and I'm so excited!  But, like a lot of people, I do want to trim down just a tad before we go, cause, you know, bathing suits and stuff.
Of all the people who go on a pre-vacay slim-down plan, only 23% say they actually succeeded...
Here’s Proof That You Need a Vacation, STAT!
Thousands of vacation days go unused in the United States every year.  I think it's so sad that we don't use them.  But, I get it.  It's sometimes more work to take time off then it is to just stay and keep truckin'!
But, I took this past Monday off because I could …

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