An alternative to turkey!
Sure, you could make the same old turkey for Thanksgiving this year but how about changing things up a little with this recipe and the video makes it look so EASY!
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Fully Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner in a Box – How Lazy Have We Gotten?
Is it okay to purchase a fully cooked compete turkey dinner in a box? It's understandable that cooking a turkey and Thanksgiving meal can be daunting, but thanks to a little thing called the internet, it's easy to find a millon ways to prepare anything.  Other than growing laziness, we can't imagine…
Make Thanksgiving Easy On Yourself [AUDIO]
Many people are doing their own cooking this Thanksgiving, and that's good.  But sometimes people forget the basics, and it becomes a complicated affair.  Well, being a master chef myself, I thought I'd help you (actually, I have the latest Reader's Digest, and I got the tip…