Troy Farmers Market

Troy Farmers Market Taking Online Orders
The Troy Waterfront Farmers Market, thought by many as the premiere farmers market in the Capital Region, is now offering online orders and contactless pick-up two times a week.  This comes as great news to many of those wanting to support this tremendous farmers market.
Troy Farmers Market Undergoes Major Change
If you went to the area's biggest farmers market in Troy over the weekend, you may have noticed a difference in how you brought your items back home. The Troy Farmers Market changed their bagging policy to a greener, eco-friendly approach.  Most people seem to be OK with the changes, but i…
Troy Farmers Market Ranked Number One in Country
One of the great things about the Capital Region is that we've very supportive of our local farmers and local businesses, especially when it comes to farmers' markets. So much so, that one of our local markets was rated number one in the entire country!