Grinch May End Toy Pick-Up
It seems that the Grinch has made a stop at the train station and may not take any toys this Christmas to distribute them to kids in need. The announcement was made that they may no longer help.
Toys R Us Closes Forever This Week
We've known for some time that Toys R Us would completely shut its doors. But it seemed that every time I was near the iconic toy store, it was still open. Now we have a definite closing date.
Fidget Spinner Dangers
A couple of months ago, I learned what a fidget spinner was and the madness that came along with this toy. Ryan is still pretty obsessed with these little toys but now we all need to be aware of the dangers.
Tamagotchis, They're Baaack!
I'm a 90s kid so I have a certain connection to anything 1990s or early 2000s. To my surprise, when I clicked around the Internet yesterday I saw that Tamagotchis were trending, I had to figure out why!

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