the dark knight rises

First Look At The Man Of Steel [VIDEO]
I saw "The Dark Knight Rises" on Friday and loved it. DC Comics did a great job with the Bat Man trilogy and now kicks off a Superman reboot. The first trailer for "The Man Of Steel" debuted before The Dark Knight.
MTV Movie Awards Recap [VIDEO]
First things first, It has taken me a while to like Russell Brand. That being said I do kind of find him funny so to say I was disappointed in his performance last night stings a bit. The guy won me over with "Hop" and his appearance in front of Parliament. However last night at the "…
NEW Trailer For The Dark Knight Rises [ VIDEO]
There are currently two comic book movie franchises I refuse to miss out on, The Avengers and The Dark Knight - Bat Man trilogy. The Avengers have built towards this Fridays release with two Iron Man movies, Thor and Captain America all great! The Dark Knight series is far darker, clearly not for ch…