Your Town Thursday
Was it technically a tornado in Rotterdam, NY?  Who knows.  That's for the meterologists to decide.  But regardless, it's Your Town Thursday, so I thought they would be the perfect one to pay tribute to this morning.
Storm Information
Have you heard we're getting a storm? We haven't had much winter in the past two years so any storm delivering any amount of snowfall gets people all excited. We're expecting a pretty big storm though and many schools decided to close ahead of the storm. Our list of closings is contin…
Snow Photos
Everyone has a ton of snow storm photos in the Albany NY area. We always gets more than our fair share of snow storms (most winters), and we can never see enough great photos of snow. If you ski or board, it's heaven for you - or if you have children in your life, it's a great joy to watch…
Road Hogs, Gotta Love ‘Em
Got to love road hogs -- especially when we get slammed with 6-inches of snow!  I was driving into work this morning and typically, even with a lot of snow, my commute is not that bad because I can take as much time as I want and I don't have to worry about anyone getting on my t…
Snow Storm Photos
Do you have any photos to share of the storm we got overnight? While we didn't get a massive amount of snow, the wild winds made massive drifts. Here are a few shots from my driveway this morning - including the pile of snow that prevented me from opening my door!