st. patrick's day

Planning My St. Patrick’s Day
Being that I'm at least 25% Irish (my Nana is 100%), I feel like it's important to have all of my bases covered today. You've got to eat the right stuff, drink the right drinks, dive right into the green and not look back. So, here is how my St...
Celebrate St. Paddy's
Before I even begin, let me say that there are a lot of great places to go and party this St. Patrick's Day and if you know of a great place I missed, please put it in the comments. I am merely listing some of the great Irish-owned or themed places that that I have enjoyed over the years or that fri…
St. Patty's Celebrations
St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just for people in Ireland and Americans who want to pretend to be Irish for a day. There are celebrations of this saint and his saintly day all around the world.
Going Irish
I was very upset this past Friday. We have just completed our "Open Line Friday" show, which is all well and good, but I didn't get to say (or shall I say SING what was on MY mind), so I went into the GNA production studio and recorded this little video message for you

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