Bethany's Celebrity Spotlight
In no time at all, Bethany will inform you, Sean, and Richie of the must know pop culture stories of the day!  We would never want you to go to work without knowing everything you'll need to know at the water cooler!
Today we talked about the real reason why President Obama finally quit smo…
Smoke Screen
It's no secret that smoking is unhealthy. Let's be honest, the anti-smoking ads we see on T.V. are downright scary. Many of us have lost someone close to us from lung cancer. Okay, smoking is bad. I get it, but are smokers bad as well?
Smoking + Lying
Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:
After being a smoker for most of his life (about a pack a day), my Husband quit smoking about a year ago. I was thrilled.  He is a bit older than me and to be honest, I worry about him being there when we get older...
Study: Nicotine Can Help with Memory Loss
Using a nicotine patch may help improve mild memory loss in older adults, according to a study published in the journal Neurology.
Previous studies have shown smokers could improve cognitive function by quitting smoking and other studies have found attention and memory improvement in people with Alzh…

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