Secret Star Acoustic Jam

Secret Star Clue #2
Our Secret Star clues are back with your chance to sit in the front row and meet all the artists at Proctors on October 25!
Secret Star Acoustic Jam Details
GNA'S Secret Star Acoustic Jam is in part one of the best but strangest shows that we have. There's two per year, the only details you know are when and where to be and it sells out every time!
I Made Kip Moore Blush…Here’s How [VIDEO]
When you're alone in a room with Kip Moore, what do you do?
I picked his brain for what should've been 60 seconds, but lets face it, it's Kip Moore! I was living the dream that many ladies would sell their souls for, so I took advantage and got the goods out of Kip and Country In 60: C…
The Secret is Out
By the time I finish writing this, the GNA Secret Star Accoustic Jam (Proctors Theatre May 3rd) will be almost completely sold out.  Sure, it's a great value at under $30 and every seat is pretty much a great seat, but it still blows my mind that people flooded our station website and sold…
Secret Star Jam
Flip through our meet-and-greet photos from Wednesday night's Secret Star Acoustic Jam, and click the link below to see more photos from the show.

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