Memories That Last Forever
As most of us get together with our families and friends during Christmas and the holidays, these special times could end up being the things we remember the most, for the rest of our lives.
Santa’s Elves And Clever Kids
My twelve year old son wants a "Droid" Cell Phone for Christmas. I said, "Really Son? That is a pretty big thing to wish for." He replied with a smirk, "Not really cus I still believe in Santa Claus."
Sad Santas
Santa's feeling a little overwhelmed this year. You tell by the way he slouches in his chair, generally avoids eye contact with the camera, and even scoffs—scoffs? Santa?!—at those crust-punk teens who crowd the booth just snap a nice Christmas photo (for their mothers, probably...
Kids Dressed As Santa
These youngsters would be adorable on their own—seriously, what's cuter than a two-year-old baby holding a newborn baby? That's basically twice the cute for the price of one. Can't get much cuter than that. Right? Wrong. Don the kids in Santa hats and little puffy white beards a…
Santa Is A Marketing Guru
It's true--Santa knows how to market himself, and is proving it more each and Frazer Harrison every day.  The picture proves it!  All he needs now is a new jingle--a theme song if you will-- and I am here to help.