reading writing and rhyming

Readin', Writin' & Rhymin'
I loved this spirited little group of writers and rhymers from the Bethlehem, NY YMCA.  It was their summer camp, and it was raining cats and dogs, so they actually had no choice but to be in this room -LOL- but they were really patient and came up with a great song parody.
Reading Writing and Rhyming
This was a special visit, as it was an invite from Griswold Heights Community Center in Troy  in association with Phil Fusco and the Academy for Character Education at the Sage Colleges.  Enough of the formalities - let's hear their Planet Song!
Woestina Elementary Song Written By Staff (VIDEO)
Sorry, but this school gets an extra blog.  If you saw the other Woestina Elementary blog, you know that the school is possibly going to close due to budget considerations.  Of course, the whole community is concerned.   And you know that dedicated  staff members and fo…