A New Funny Black Friday Shopping Prank [VIDEO]
Last year I put up a couple of videos of a couple of guys who went out on black Friday and asked store employees where to find completely imaginary items. Very funny stuff. This year I found a couple of different guys who took a different angle to messing with shoppers on the busiest shopp…
Proof That People Are Stupid [VIDEO]
Today I came across a very funny video on They describe it as a "prank that proves people will believe anything you say if you look like a newsman and you’re holding a microphone". And it is true!
Very FUNNY Shopping List Prank [VIDEO]
I came across this video today and I really love it. It came out about a week ago and it already has over a million and a half views. I think if your like me and holiday shopping really stresses you out, having seen this video will make you smile the next time your asking a store employee where some…
Porn Crop Circles at New Zealand College [PG 13]
Warning, images of cartoon- like private areas ahead. Do not continue to read this story if you are a child or easily offended. Thank you.
Funny thing happened on the way to Google Maps. Aparently, Fairfield College in New Zealand has a distiction they really didn't want...