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Trent Harmon Fans Made My Nana Feel Like A Queen [Photo]
On July 26th, the final American Idol, Trent Harmon stopped by the GNA studios on his promotional tour. I knew this a couple days in advance and of course needed to make sure my American Idol loving Nana was able to get here to meet her "boyfriend!" ...No, seriously, she calls him …
TV Shows That Turn Women On and Off Like a Remote
This morning we talked about a recent survey that determined which TV shows, when watched right before bed time, turned women on.
Orange is the New Black won the survey - turning on more than a 3rd of women in the poll.  How I Met Your Mother came in second and Friends was third...
The Origins 5 Sayings
Yesterday, for one reason or another, every time I had a conversation with someone, an odd saying was worked in.  I'd be like, "Why do we even say that?" So I decided to figure out where some of these sayings came from.  Here is what I found out from Wiki Answers:
Do You Want To Be Our Next Blogger?
You’ve surely noticed that we’ve made a few changes around here - a brand new website with a whole new idea behind it. We’d like you to be a part of this and it’s pretty easy to do!
Homeless Ted Williams – – Another Viewpoint
I had a very  interesting thing happen last week.  I had been out sick with the creeping crud several days last week , and happened to miss the Sean and Richie Show where Sean supposedly got upset about Ted Williams (the man with the golden pipes) receiving so much attention in the press.