Do All Kids Lie?
We got into a discussion about Lance Armstrong Monday during the Sean & Richie Show, and of course the topic of lying came up.  Richie is concerned that the kids today don’t have anyone to look up to, because everyone is lying and cheating – so how can we teach our kids not to lie when it’s so c…
Unbelievable Video
If this doesn't convince you that we should be thankful for our political system, nothing will. Yes, I know we've had our assassination attempts too, but nothing quite as blatant as this!
And The Winner Is
The recount had been going on for a while in the closely contested race for New York State's 46th Senate district between George Amedore and his opponent Cecilia Tkaczyk.
Sober Election
An election is the ultimate celebration of democracy. However if you live in South Carolina or Kentucky, booze probably isn't going to be part of your November 6 revelry.
The Third And Final Debate “Songified” [VIDEO]
I sure am glad the debates are over. I really am tired of hearing the same old thing over and over. I will be glad when this election is finally over, regardless of who wins or loses. The only thing I will miss are these really fun auto-tuned versions of the debates.
Decision Country-12
Today we were talking on the air about the debates, Taylor Swift and the safety of our youth, clearly three things completely related to each other. It did get me thinking, actually I think it was Richie who first said it, "What country singer would you want to run for President?&…

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