Movie Reenactments
This year there are only 8 "Best Picture" Nominees for the Oscars which will air on February 22nd at 7pm on ABC.  You could go watch the trailers and/or the real movie, but I think these kids do a spectacular job summing up the movie plots...
The 2015 Oscar Nominations!
Well, that was interesting. Just when you think you've got the Oscars figured out, they throw you a huge curve ball. Or, maybe what's so surprising about this year's nominations is how nothing is really different?
2015 Golden Globes Nominations: The Complete List
The 2015 Golden Globes nominations are in and we already can’t wait for the awards ceremony! Comedic duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are returning to host the Globes for the third straight year, which is awesome if you like awesome things. But enough of that, let’s get down to the list of…
Melissa's Dilema
When I read this story last night, my heart broke.
MELISSA MCCARTHY learned a few years ago that if you're not skinny, it doesn't matter how famous you are, because she had trouble finding a designer who'd make her an Oscar dress.  An OSCAR DRESS...
Record-Breaking Pic
Ellen made Twitter history when she shared this star-filled Oscar photo - now we're trying to make 'GNA history!
Let's see if we can get 1077 shares!  Ready, set, go!
Oscar's Hair Plugs - a Do, or a Don't?
It would be an understatement to say I was taken aback by John Travolta's lid at the Oscars.  It was crazy.  Full, fluffy, fuzzy, and forehead engrossing!
Then, I started thinking, who else in hollywood is rocking the plugs?
Have you seen Jason Alexander's new head...
2014 Oscar Winners!
The 2014 Oscar winners were announced Sunday, March 2 during the awards ceremony, hosted by celebrated comedienne Ellen DeGeneres and broadcast live by ABC.
Oscar Nominated Country Songs
The Academy Awards have honored several songs through the years that have enhanced films since the 1930s. Every genre has made a contribution to the movies, including Country Music! Here's an impressive list of elite Country Music artists and songwriters that were featured in the movies and ear…
Not Hosting Again
There's been no shortage of controversy following the 2013 Oscars, most of it dealing with host Seth MacFarlane's particular brand of comedy, which is either hilariously crude or mean-spirited and misogynistic, depending on who you ask. But with ratings higher than last year's ceremony (40.3 million…
Cooper = Oscar?
FunnyorDie.com has a skit, 'Between Two Ferns", that mocks some of the Oscar Nominees in the best way.  A fun way.  The video was created with Zach Galifianakis, Jessica Chastain and Bradley Cooper.

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