Online Trolls: Is There a Solution?
You see it all the time.
Someone posts a status, a meme, an article and inevitably, within the comments section someone has taken the time to write: "who cares?!" Or even worse, gone out of their way to name-call, belittle, argue, etc. with people they might not even know. And I&apo…
After CBS Special, Do I Still Think JonBenets Brother Did It?
CBS just aired the two-part documentary series "The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey" on Sunday and Monday nights. Leading into the two night special I believed I had a clear idea of who I thought did this horrible act.
I thought it was Burke, JonBenets then 9-year old brother. Did the spec…
CBS Set to Air JonBenet Documentary - I Think the Brother Did It
20 years ago, I was just 12-years old. I can remember the news reports though the day of after Christmas in 1996. It seemed to blow up in the media almost immediately, which given the lack of Hollywood stardom seemed a little peculiar but given the age of little JonBenet, maybe it wasn't so str…

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