Olympic Racing?
Well not exactly. But there is a major connection between NASCAR and and some high speed competition at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.
Michael Phelps Goes Reality TV…on the Golf Channel!?
Michael Phelps is a bonafide star. In addition to being one of the best athletes in history and the United States’ crown jewel at the Olympic games, the world’s greatest swimmer is also humble, funny, sweet and a just a joy to watch in those post-competition interviews. With his retirement from prof…
Who is The Hottest Gymnast Of All Time?
Lets be honest, it isn't just the amazing athleticism involved in women's gymnastics that makes it such a hugely popular Olympic event.  Many of the athletes are attractive and that helps the women of America convince their boyfriends …
What’s Your Favorite Summer Olympic Sport? [POLL]
The 2012 Summer Olympics in London are in full swing.  As we watch the coverage on television, some of us are surprised to learn of sports we didn't know existed.  I thought it would be fun to reveal the Summer Olympic sport categories and have you pick your favorites.

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