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Shen’s Kevin Huerter Dominated Game 7 and Twitter Went Nuts
In the sports world, there are few things more exciting than a Game 7.  It's what kids dream of when shooting hoops in the backyard with friends; it's do or die, win or go home and in this case, where legends are born. Last night during game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference semi-finals, 2016 Shen grad Kevin Huerter came through with the best game of his life, putting on an absolute clinic of epic p
Amare Stoudemire Makes A Stupid Mistake
As a New York fan I have seen my share of stupid moves. I remember Kevin Brown and A.J. Burnett throwing temper tantrums and hitting things. Which of course left them injured and the Yankees without high profile pitchers they paid tons of money to. So I guess it shouldn't shock me that a member of one of my other New York teams did the same stupid, selfish and down right childish act of fighting a