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Cosmos Will Make Science Cool [VIDEO]
Fox Broadcasting has a new show in the works that could very well be the kick start you've been looking for to get your kid to like science. "Cosmos" will have the attitude of a Fox show with the clout of National Geographic.
Balloons Carry A House
National Geographic Channel is one of my favorite tv channels. I find plenty of stuff that I enjoy learning about. I heard about this new show coming up and I can't wait to take a peak. It's called "How Hard Can It Be," which will premier this fall, a bunch of crazy dreamers recreate the s…
YouTube Coming To A Theatre Near You
It's about time we promoted YouTube.  Lord knows we all use them enough.  Yes, we've all seen the cat playing the piano, whole armies of people breaking into song at the mall, and the ever popular double rainbow.  But what's coming is totally amazing....
Cesar Millan Coming To The Palace
If you asked me what my favorite show on TV was right now, I would have to say " The Dog Whisperer"  on the National Geographic Channel.  I'm not sure how I found it, or why I watched it the first time, but I think its fair to say I am addicted.