11 Surefire Ways Someone Can Tell If You’re a Mom
Being a mom changes nearly everything about you, and it's mostly worth it, right ladies?
One thing is for sure, you also can't hide it!  In fact, when someone surprisingly says to me, "You have kids?!" I get so excited for a minute!  Not because I don't love being a mom, or having my kiddos…
World’s Sweetest Son Makes Dating Video for Mom [Watch]
The dating game is tough!  So, I'd imagine that after a certain amount of time you'd probably just give up.
That is unless your son takes a year out of his life to shoot, record and publish a dating video just for you.
Alex, the world's sweetest son, did just that...
Hudson River Drowning – New Information
"Oh my God, I made a mistake."  Those were the words of Lashanda Armstrong as her son La'Shaun broke free from her arms as their minivan was sinking into the Hudson River.  According to La'Shaun, Armstrong's 10-year old surviving son, his mother had cl…