Local Mom Daughter On Good Morning America
My mom and I are pretty close but even I don't think that we would have been able to accomplish this together. After many years, both of them decided to go to college and what they achieved was more that just a degree.
6 Mother's Day Gift Ideas That You Can Do Easily
It's true that we're all living busy lives. Quite possibly busier than any generation before us and with that it's hard to find the time for everything. However, there is always time for Mom! Mother's Day is coming up this
If There’s No Picture, It Didn’t happen… Right?
Last week Sean and I broadcasted live from Sandals Resort in the Bahamas and it was amazing!  I took my mom as my guest on the trip and she and I had the best time!
Mom and I went on an excursion to swim with dolphins as part of our adventure...
11 Surefire Ways Someone Can Tell If You’re a Mom
Being a mom changes nearly everything about you, and it's mostly worth it, right ladies?
One thing is for sure, you also can't hide it!  In fact, when someone surprisingly says to me, "You have kids?!" I get so excited for a minute!  Not because I don't love being a mom, or having my kiddos…
UCSD Professor Requires Nudity For Final Exam
Ricardo Dominguez, a professor who teaches a visual arts class at the University of California at San Diego has required the students to be naked for the final part of the course for 11 years now.  But now, this year, one helicopter moms is mad...
Here’s What Your Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day
I love my mom so much, so I get a little anxiety when I am trying to decide what to get her for Mother's Day!  What gift will represent the 30 years she has spent loving me?
Well, a new survey asked moms what they actually WANT for Mother's Day this year...
How Much Should Your Mom Make?
Yesterday was Mother's Day in England, so they put out a new study on how much a mom would/should make if she got paid for everything she does.
According to new research, moms deserve a salary of $253,000 a year for all the unpaid work they do...

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