lost cantina band

The Barrel Saloon Was A Barrel Of Fun [Gallery]
I have to thank everyone at the Barrel Saloon for a rockin' (I mean "Country-in") good time.  I promised the folks there that I would post a few pictures, so here we go.  Sorry for the blurriness, but you now how it is withcellphone cameras inside
Countryfest 2012 Block Party – [SLIDESHOW]
What a great day  -Countryfest 2012.  It looked like rain was on the horizon a few times ,but once again we were kissed by the continuing lucky streak that we seem to have year after year weather-wize.  Here's a small slideshow that I put together of the outdoor part- the block p…
The Pure Joy Of Jamming With Other Musicians
I had a blast last week.  It happens so infrequently, and this experience reminded me that I need to do this more often.  It's the incredible feeling you get when you are invited to jam with other musicians, and I mean great ones like the Lost Cantina Band...