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Do You Feel Unsafe In Albany?
Crime is on the rise in Albany and business owners and some residents will tell you that safety is becoming a big problem in our capital city.  I've lived in Albany the majority of my life and I rarely, if ever, feel threatened.  Clearly though, I'm in the minority. Does Albany feel unsafe to you?
Free Shuttle For Albany Residents
I like when there are innovative ways and great ideas that give people in the Capital Region a safe way to go out and enjoy a weekend night out. CDTA is doing just that.
Can You Spot A Fake Homeless Person? (VIDEO)
Living off of Lark Street in Albany, I've encountered my share of homeless people and beggars.  My heart bleeds for the less fortunate, and I always try to give them a few dollars when I have it.  After watching this viral video of the "fake homeless woman" in Virginia, it got me thinking about experiences I've had with beggars who I just didn't trust.  Can you spot a fake? The following
Baumgartner Selling Bombers
Matt Baumgartner has assured us that even though he's selling his Bombers Burrito Bar restaurants, they will not be changing. I'm holding him to that.
5 Ways to Make Albany Better
Let it be known that I will not be running for Mayor of Albany anytime soon!  I just love my job too much to give it up to become a public servant, but I have 5 ways to #MakeAlbanyBetter.
Minimum Wage To Go Up & More in Today’s News
State- Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver proposed legislation this week that would raise the state’s minimum hourly wage to $8.50 and index it to the annual rate of inflation.  The current state minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, which matches the federal minimum wage set back in 2009.