justin timberlake

I have to say, I may have had an advantage over many country music fans tonight as I have heard, and loved both songs performed by Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake tonight. I went into this performance a fan of both artists and was a little excited to see what the mix of a traditional country/b…
Hayes Covers Timberlake
Part of the reason that we love Hunter Hayes is that he is an equal opportunity music offender. What I mean is, he loves and plays all kinds of music. Recently he decided to step out of the country box a little with his own version of Justin Timberlake's song "Mirrors...
Mickey Bakes with Bethany
Do you remember scrunchies?  Did you ever kiss your wall in preparation for the "real thing"?  Mickey Guyton did, along with lots of other fun throwbacks!
You'll really like her!  In this episode of Baking with Bethany, Mickey tells me about the time she sang at …
Oscar's Hair Plugs - a Do, or a Don't?
It would be an understatement to say I was taken aback by John Travolta's lid at the Oscars.  It was crazy.  Full, fluffy, fuzzy, and forehead engrossing!
Then, I started thinking, who else in hollywood is rocking the plugs?
Have you seen Jason Alexander's new head...
Jimmy Fallon Hosts and Justin Timberlake Sings on SNL in December
NBC announced yesterday that Jimmy Fallon will host it's December 21 episode with special musical guest Justin Timberlake!
As if that's not exciting enough, Paul Rudd will host on December 7 with musical guest One Direction, and John Goodman will take a turn hosting on December 14 with King…
Justin Timberlake Hosts SNL For The Fifth Time [VIDEO]
I have to admit that Justin Timberlake has become one of my all time favorite hosts of Saturday Night Live. Some of his music isn't really my style but the guy is funny and it shows on SNL. So there is no way I will miss this Saturday night when he hosts for a Legendary 5th time.
Bringing Sexy Back?
I openly admit i think Barack Obama is cool and Joe Biden is only second to Chris Christie on my list of current politicians I'd like to get a beer with. So no doubt these are the perfect men to Lip dub "Sexy Back".
Yankees Win, Snooki Crashes and The Hobbit – Levack Rant
While you were watching parades and enjoying cook outs the world keep on turning. Fear not your buddy Levack watched the store for you and is about to catch you up. First off the big guy at the top of this post is Bartolo Colon. He pitched one of the best games of the years against the A's on M…