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GNA and Local Singing Stars To Hand Out Free Ice Cream Today
School is out and temperatures are expected to be in mid 80's today and to celebrate, Brian and Chrissy from the GNA Morning Show are combining two of your favorite things for price of none!  We'll be out in the Capital Region starting at noon today (Thursday) and making our way from Colonie to Clif…
Get Free Ice Cream Today
It's officially summer and to celebrate you can get a free ice cream cone today. There is nothing like an ice cream cone on a summer day and even better, it's free!
Get Ice Cream For Dogs At This Store
Who doesn't love an ice cream treat in the summer? Even our dogs do. But they have a problem digesting our kind of ice cream. Now there's a company that makes ice cream for dogs and it's only available for a limited time at a local grocery chain.
New Boozy Ice Cream
How do you make ice cream more delicious? Well one popular ice cream brand has added alcohol to a few of their gourmet flavors.
Ben and Jerry's New 'Core' Featuring Cookie Dough Galore
Attention all cookie dough addicts: Get ready to have your mind (and your belly) blown. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream announced 3 new additions to their 'Core' series involving cookie dough, and my inner fat kid was so over-joyed, that it started doing summersaults in my stomach. Then it …

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